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Client: Sberbank, Russia

We designed the overall project brand, including separate pictograms and color coding for each different volunteering program. We also adapted the brand for distribution via mailing and corporate networks.
Branding and logo design
Client: ARTconcept Interior design studio, Israel

Creating a brand for an interior design studio in three languages — Russian, Hebrew, and English.
Client: Sberbank, Russia

We developed the format and the design for a brand integration at a municipal event. The design was prominent and generated discussion on social networks.
Client: Sberbank, Russia

Development of a comprehensive style for a real estate-themed event. We designed and decorated the conference hall, the front desk, signs, press walls and screensavers.
Client: Sberbank, Russia

We developed an HR website for attracting young talented workers and registering them for the Case&Skills program. We created the site structure, its design, and provided tech support.
Client: Sberbank, Russia

We created a visual style in the brand's signature colors for the employees' corporate communities. We adapted the style for Facebook and Instagram, and for internal mailing lists and printed cards.
Client: KREMEN, Russia

We developed the structure and designed the website in two languages with the possibility of ordering the products online.
Client: Metafrax, Russia

We developed an overall style for the presentation in line with the company's established branding, designed icons and graphs.
Client: Parmalat Group, Russia

We finalized the Italian redesign for three lines of Santal juice packaging and created 3D-models of them.
Client: TAKF, Russia

We designed packaging for a line of cakes. We designed the layout of all the technical texts, prepared the packaging for production, created 3D models and a layout for packaging during transportation.
Client: Parmalat, Russia

We designed new packaging and a 3D model for a new flavor in a line of yogurts.
Client: Parmalat, Russia

We updated presentation materials for sales representative in light of the company releasing a new line of cocktails.
Client: Dairy Products, Russia

We created a series of illustrations in the style of oil paintings for a yogurt packaging line. Every illustration is drawn by hand and professionally edited.
Client: Energy sales company, Russia

An animated infomercial about the services the company offers. We designed the animated characters and edited the video.

Client: Sberbank, Russia

We developed a corporate mascot Raccoon for internal communication of the bank with its employees. Designing and adapting the mascot for social networks, printed materials, and other communications methods.
Client: Sorbent company, Russia

We created the design and created the object for the city's anniversary.
A bright graffiti on a concrete fence on the factory's territory tells the factory's history
Advertising postcard
Client: Dubrel landscape bureau, Israel

We designed an advertisement in the format of a postcard for an Israeli client. We adapted the logo and created a design based on the fusion of two languages: Russian and Hebrew.
Client: IT — Logistics, Russia

A yearly corporate event got an unusual new style. We adapted the styling for a poster, and created the jingles, presentations, diplomas and certificates for it.
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